Benny is an accomplished full-stack architect and software engineer with over three decades of experience in programming and application development. He has a proven track record of delivering profitable commercial products and leading web, API, and data analytics projects across various sectors, including medical, software, geographic, and financial services.

Benny firmly believes in architectural-driven development, which emphasizes a balance between theory and practice to achieve a deeper understanding and develop practical and resilient systems.

As a senior software architect at 3Pillar Global, Benny played a key role in establishing the AI Lab and expanding into machine learning and AI business. He is also well-versed in blockchain technology, having designed and built successful systems for medical health records and token exchange using Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Figure. All of the creative imaginations of personal embedding into the toy and materials, see details in my post of Dreambooth Training for Personal Embedding.

Benny holds a B.Sc. and M. Sc in Computer Science from the University of Guelph, where he completed his master’s thesis on AI’s expert system and spatial reasoning technologies. Do not hesitate to contact Benny for any inquiries as he welcomes and values questions.